Professional Sump Pump Installation

Preventing Flooding with Professional Sump Pump Installation

Excessively wet weather, a lot like what we are currently experiencing with Hurricane Delta making its way inland, might be giving us some beneficial rain, but your basement or crawl space can incur moisture intrusion damage in the event it has not been waterproofed or encapsulated! One homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee was aware of this and gave us a call asking for a professional sump pump installation for the basement of their home. They figured there was no better time than the present to begin to take care of the problem and, within the next couple of days, our team arrived at their home to complete the job.

A basic primary pump was obtained for the family with the help of recommendations from our staff expertise. The pump to be installed, made of cast iron and working at 110 volts of electricity, is designed to sit at the bottom of a pit where the water is collected before being eliminated from the interior of the home to the exterior of the home. The pit was first installed correctly before the sump pump could be setup. This makes it possible for the sump pump to work correctly, for as the water level rises, a float switch also rises, turning the pump on once it reaches a certain height.

In the event that the sump pump should fail for whatever reason, a secondary backup pump is also installed that runs off of a 12-volt battery backup. This should ensure that in the event of an emergency, the basement will still evacuate the moisture and not become flooded. A trickle charger makes sure the battery is always charged for emergency use. In most cases, once the battery backup kicks in, you might get about a day’s worth of pumping out of it before the battery drains of power. Most units will blare an emergency siren to let you know that the emergency mode is operating.

Once the sump pit, sump pump unit, and battery backup system was installed in the basement of this Nashville home, the family was able to rest a little easier knowing that any serious moisture intrusion would be removed from the foundation and structures of their home. After speaking with our team about additional options for further protecting their home from moisture, they scheduled an exterior waterproofing project for a few months into the next year and are looking forward to the superior waterproofing protection it provides.

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