Power Line Safety During Excavation

One thing our team of excavation, trenching, and grading professionals pride ourselves on is the ability to help create the outdoor environment for your family that you dream of. Whether it be to install a swimming pool or tear down and remove an old and hazardous structure from the property, we are there to do the work and do it right. As the homeowner, you can focus on considering all of the important variables about your family while deciding what work needs to be done and we will take care of the rest.

For example, during many of these jobs or our waterproofing system installations, it is important for us to take into consideration the location of overhead power lines and how they may come into play during construction. Though this may not be something you think about when planning where the new waterfall feature might look best, our team most certainly does and will apply their training and best practices to make sure the job gets done successfully and with stringent safety during excavation.

When considering the dangers of working near overhead power lines, there are specific distances that have been established to keep people safe. If those absolute distances are crossed, there is a risk of electric shock, whether the electricity jumps from the line to the person, or comes in contact with an object they are holding. These distances are dictated by law that our team works diligently to abide by.

For tight-space projects, our team will designate a spotter to assist the heavy machinery operators to perform their job while maintaining a safe distance from overhead power lines. The spotter is designated to watch how close they come to the power lines and communicate directly with them about how close is too close. We take the safety of our team and your residential property safely and respect the regulations and rules in place to make sure that there are no injuries or damage done during construction.

After obtaining the proper permits and any other qualifications that are needed to do maintain safety during excavation, we will break ground to complete any excavation, trenching, or grading well. If you are looking for local, professional land manipulation or waterproofing system services, give BARRIER a call today at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168.