Pooling Crawl Space Water In A Dark Crawl Space

Prevent The Pooling of Crawl Space Water

So your home has a crawl space? Chances are, you aren’t “crawling” through the space under your house on a regular basis taking inventory of what is going on down there. If you have taken the initiative to look around inside and discovered even a little bit of pooling crawl space water, then there is cause for concern.

The puddles accumulating on the dirt floor of your crawl space that may seem harmless are anything but safe. Where there is a little water, there is a leak, which means more water is bound to follow. Water is the primary source of a majority of crawl space issues like mold growth, mildew, and rotting wood that can destroy floor joists. How is the crawl space water entering in, you may ask?

The answer may be different for every home, yet there are always some related sources that can be investigated. Several key variables can communicate water into your crawl space, some of which include weakened plumbing or compromised foundation mortar. Heavy rains also bring along an increase in the groundwater, which is then soaked up by the soil. As the water accumulates and drains through the soil, it can end up in the crawl space under your home.

A high-quality vapor barrier is necessary when choosing to lay down some protection over the top of your dirt floor. This is because more inexpensive barriers can easily rip and simply cost you a lot more money to replace.

A sump pump alone will not solve the problem, as it cannot effectively remove all of the humidity entering in on its own. The leak or leaks must be fixed at the source to prevent the humidity from continually building up in your crawl space. If it is left to continue, it will negatively affect both the structure and living environment of your home.

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