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Interior Waterproofing Systems To Protect Your Home

We at Barrier Waterproofing Systems encourage homeowners to invest in protecting your home. For example, painting the siding of your home to protect it from the elements, redoing your roofing, or having some grading done to keep the property around your home in tip top shape. As a waterproofing company, though, our area of expertise lies in protecting your basement floors and other valuable property with an interior waterproofing system.

Unlike the measures mentioned above to protect your home, if there isn’t adequate waterproofing established, it is only a matter of time before it reaches the structure of your home. Right away, it will start on the road of affecting the integrity of your home.

Many homes are already being affected, and every season that goes by is another potential amount of serious damage to your foundation. Considering investing in a system to protect your home from the foundation up could prove to be even more valuable than previously thought. The following interior water collection systems move water away from inside where it shouldn’t be and discharges it to the outside of your home.


A sub-floor system has a unique and innovative design for collecting seeping water. It is an ideal remedy to all of your waterproofing and management needs. This system is designed to collect water from two of the primary sources that are responsible for water leaking into your basement. The protection is primarily established for the basement walls, footer, and any faults in the foundation.


A footer system is a stand alone system that is designed to move water along from the footer of your basement walls. It lies underneath the concrete floor slab, set up against the footer of the basement walls. Any moisture leaking in through the walls or foundation will be carried away by the system. Any faults in the foundation that cause moisture intrusion will also be kept protected.


The above-floor system is ideal for protecting poured or block wall foundations. The primary feature of this system is that it is not submerged in soil that could otherwise plug traditional sub-floor waterproofing systems. It collects water that travels along where the floor and walls meet, leaving your basement clean and dry.

It functions as a non-invasive system that collects moisture directly from the joints, where other systems sometimes require small amounts of excavation for installation.

As a concerned homeowner that prides yourself on protecting the investment of your family’s shelter and quality of life, we recommend an interior waterproofing system. Keeping the water out also keeps out the potential for mold and mildew growth, wood rot, and a variety of forms of property damage.

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