Interior drainage installation in the crawl space

Interior Drainage System Installation in the Basement

Homes are not meant to withstand moisture. There are certain materials and measures taken during construction to help fix moisture intrusion problems. There are, however, several more solutions that homeowners can purchase to make their home resilient against moisture.

One such solution is an interior drainage system installation. It can be paired with an already existing and exterior draining system. Is moisture permeating the slab foundation and accumulating at the cold joint (where the basement walls sit on the basement footing)? If so, you may want to seriously consider an interior drainage system.

Many basements have water intrusion issues. The problem usually is that the issue has not been dealt with since the construction of the home, so proper drainage is important to obtain. If you cannot get an exterior drainage system, getting an interior drain should be a number one priority. If there is no way for the water to drain from the home, it will cause damage to its structural foundation.

To install an interior drain in your basement, you must first cut a channel into the foundation around the perimeter of the basement. A one-foot side channel, cut close to the footing, should be large enough to accommodate a 3 inch perforated pipe.

We’re going to cut a channel around the interior then install a drain inside the perimeter. This will be a 3 inch perforated pipe insinde of a one foot wide channel close to the footing followed by landscaping cloth and wash gravel. The pipes will need to have a slight grade towards the exterior drain so as to keep the water flowing in that direction.

Once this is done, the pipe is laid into the channel and covered with gravel. This drain will now pick up all of the water coming from the footings. It will channel the water under the existing foundation and take it to the outside of the building. Once everything is secure and in place, you then top it all off with concrete.

After completing the interior drain installation, your basement should be free from water intrusion into the foundation. It will now safely divert water to the outside of your home. If your basement needs similar waterproofing services, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call, today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168!