Foundation walls coated in material imagery for interior and exterior waterproofing

Interior and Exterior Waterproofing & Drainage

For a homeowner that wants to keep their home in order, there isn’t much worse a thing than having a wet basement or crawl space. An out-of-sight area of the home ridden with damaging moisture that can’t be left alone to “resolve itself” is daunting.

It can be stressful knowing that any tiny trickles or small puddles you see are warning signs of a much bigger problem. Especially when those problems can lead to costly, time-consuming repairs. We at Barrier Waterproofing Systems are here to help you identify what to do. We will also do the work to keep your basement dry with a few different methods, including interior and exterior waterproofing.

These three basement waterproofing methods all address the same solution: eliminating moisture and preventing it in the future. This is done by installing a combination of waterproofing and drainage systems to redirect water away from the home. Learn more from the descriptions below as to how each method tackles the problem:

Interior Waterproofing

This method targets moisture intrusion at the level of when it enters into the interior of your basement. This option is most usually chosen when an existing problem has been identified. that is not all that severe, or the basement has not been finished and might be getting prepped for renovation. This is due to the trenches that are created in the concrete foundation for the installation of drainage solutions.

Exterior Waterproofing

This method targets moisture intrusion at the level that it permeates the property and begins to make its way towards the foundation. After excavating the earth around the home, the outside of the foundation walls are coated with a waterproof material. Then, a drainage system is installed to ensure that the foundation is kept dry.


One of the most common causes of basement moisture intrusion is caused by poor drainage. If a home already has one, it may be malfunctioning and need to be repaired or replaced.

It is important to understand that every home is different. The size, builder, property, age, and many other factors of a home make a difference in how moisture both intrudes and affects it. You could have a waterproofing system installed that is just right for your home and it could be completely different from that of your neighbor!

This means that the best route to take will always be to prevent the problems rather than have to repair them. As the interior and exterior waterproofing solutions are different, so will the cost, time, and nature of the repairs be.

Some homeowners think that by ignoring the idea of the problem that it will resolve itself. Maybe small patch-job type repairs will make it go away. This can’t be further from the truth; take the Grand Canyon being carved out by a river for example!

Problems can persist into paramount damage if left unchecked. Give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today to determine which option will be best for your home.

Perhaps you have already invested some time, money, and effort into repairing, maintaining, or even remodeling your home. Don’t let your most prized investment, your family, be negatively affected by the damages of moisture intrusion. Schedule a waterproofing installation job with BARRIER today by calling (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.