Improving Your Quality of Life With Waterproofing Solutions

No one wants their family to live in a damp and dirty environment! The waterproofing solutions for improving conditions like these, however, aren’t always clear. As a family-based company, it is our top priority to create dry and healthy homes by addressing moisture intrusion at its source: the foundation.

Whether your foundation is a crawl space or basement, the climate outside can cause problems underneath your home. This is because they are both susceptible to excess moisture. An example of this excess moisture can be seen when there are bouts of heavy rains or highly humid weather. This elevated moisture can essentially cause damages to your home over time that leads to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Did you know that air circulates through your home as it is pulled up through the subfloor? This is because hot air escapes through the roof ridge or attic vents, pulling up new air in its place. The process is referred to as the Stack Effect The air that comes up from the lower basement or crawlspace level is dirty or contaminated when these places are not managed properly. It can bring with it a multitude of isolated contaminants such as mold spores dust mites and radon gas to name a few!

The Center for Disease Control states that these contaminants can cause harm to the overall health of your home environment, causing symptoms like nasal stuffiness, eye, skin, and throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, or, in some cases, serious respiratory infections. These symptoms, along with unpleasant odors, can impact every member of the family, lowering the quality of life for everyone in the home.

Consistent exposure to water can also damage the foundation walls of your home causing them to bow inward, crack, and disintegrate. This can lead to serious structural problems and eventual foundation failure if left untreated.

Professional foundation repair solutions help make it possible to restore the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. There are a variety of methods to waterproof your basement or protect your crawlspace from moisture intrusion.

With encapsulation, a barrier of protection is installed on either the inside or the outside of your home. Both systems are made from a combination of the highest quality waterproofing materials to permanently seal moisture out of your home. Exterior and Interior solutions are also available for whichever route is most ideal for you. Our team of professionals knows just how to deal with stubborn moisture intrusion and can evaluate your home to help you make a fact-informed decision.

To learn more about how BARRIER Waterproofing Systems work, and why they are the most comprehensive and secure techniques in the industry, give us a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 and schedule a free evaluation. You can feel confident when investing in a comprehensive and stress-free solution that will last for years to come.