How A Quality Waterproofing Membrane Works To Protect Your Home

Waterproofing is sometimes properly installed during construction while other times it is such low quality that each year, numerous business and residential facilities suffer water damage as a result. Moisture intrusion related problems account for 80% of all flaws in a structure. There’s no denying the need for waterproofing solutions for maintaining the worth of your home.

A waterproofing membrane should ideally be robust yet flexible, tear-resistant, and elastic, allowing it to stretch to conceal fractures and move with the structure. If the membrane is exposed to the sun, it has to be UV resistant. The membrane should be able to bend and turn up and over walls and other structural elements, and it should be able to take any shape it is put over.

Not all waterproofing membranes are made the same. In general, there are two types of waterproofing membrane:

Sheet Based Waterproofing Membranes

As the name indicates, these membranes arrive on the job site in the shape of rolls. After that, they are unfolded and placed on a hard surface. Joints between sheets are crucial with this sort of membrane, and they must be utilized correctly to avoid leaking.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

A liquid applied membrane arrives at the job site as a liquid and then is sprayed or brush-applied to the surface. The liquid cures to produce a smooth, joint-free membrane after drying. The thickness may be regulated by adding more liquid chemicals per unit area. Because they are joint-free, they are typically thought to be better than sheet-based membranes. However, before applying it, care must be used to ensure that the thickness is precisely correct. If the membrane is too thin, it might rip or shatter. The membrane’s adherence to the concrete must be excellent to be able to keep water out!

How Does A Waterproofing Membrane Work?

There are several reasons why a waterproofing membrane should be placed on your property:

  • They protect against the damage caused by leaking water, which can jeopardize the structure’s integrity.
  • They protect the structure of the building from rust, rotting, corrosion, or damage to the property and contents.
  • They protect against the growth of mold, which may cause damage to furniture, carpeting, moisture stains on the ceiling or walls, and structural problems.
  • They promote a higher quality of life by assisting in creating a clean, healthy, well-maintained, and weather-protected place.
  • They lower upkeep expenses while also increasing the value of the home.

At BARRIER Waterproofing Systems, we utilize only the best of the best in the industry, made complete with our uniquely designed waterproofing systems. Our high-quality sheet waterproofing membrane guarantees to keep moisture out of the structures of your home for many years to come. Give us a call to learn more about how our solutions can help your home at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168.