Did My Broken HVAC Cause High Indoor Humidity

Is My High Indoor Humidity Caused By A Broken HVAC?

Did you know:

Nearly 50% of the air you breathe indoors is possibly from the crawl space? The phenomenon behind this fact is called the Stack Effect. This can mean that the next time the humidity levels inside the house are growing, it just might not be the fault of a broken HVAC system, but from moisture escaping the crawl space. The Stack Effect can lower the quality of indoor air and the best preventative measure is to encapsulate your crawl space.

If your crawl space is not protected from the high amounts of moisture in humid air, the condensation it creates will become a breeding grounds for mold other microorganisms like dust mites. These unwanted intruders can both eat away at your home and health of your family. Dust mites grow quickly in surrounding humidity and are a significant cause of asthma attacks inside the home. Aside from more extreme health effects, low air quality can make a home very undesirable to live in.

Major Reasons for Crawl Space Moisture Intrusion

These include:

  • Pooling water from leaking pipes or faulty drainage systems
  • Groundwater wicking up or evaporating from the earth floor
  • Crawl space ventilation letting in moisture laden air

An issue of freestanding water can be resolved by making some repairs, however, water coming up from the ground or sneaking in from the crawl space vents can prove to be a more resilient foe. Fortunately, a crawl space encapsulation installation can solve all of these issues and more. A durable waterproof polyethylene moisture barrier is applied to the ground and walls of the entire crawl space foundation. A crawlspace dehumidifier may be chosen for helping to further improve the air quality and promote circulation. For crawl space moisture issues, an encapsulation will solve the problems that a dehumidifier alone cannot solve. It does this by addressing the root of the moisture intrusion problem instead of the symptoms.

After keeping the moisture out, a crawl space encapsulation works to keep the air in. With a proper installation, crawl space air is kept conditioned and inside the crawl space. This ensures the reduction of mold and mildew growth in your indoor air as well as an increase in insulation and reduced heating and cooling costs. So, if you have taken a look at your broken HVAC system and you find it is not actually broken, consider calling for local crawl space encapsulation services. Have more questions about crawl space encapsulation or thinking of getting one installed? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Barrier Waterproofing Systems for assistance.