Homeowner calculating more than one repair estimate for crawl space repair estimate

Why You Should Get More Than One Crawl Space Repair Estimate

When it comes to shopping for a good deal on a crawl space repair or encapsulation job, you are no doubt looking for the best way to save the most money. There is no compromise, however, on receiving a professional service that will give you results that will last.

At BARRIER, we recommend you go through the process of acquiring more than one crawl space repair estimate for the inspections and work to be done. You might be surprised when you compare prices from one contractor to the next! It is common to see very different costs for the same services from contractor to contractor.

A few of the variables that cause these cost differences could include the different types and qualities of materials used by various companies. Perhaps some companies could simply be looking to make more money with more lavish claims than they can truly back up with expertise. Keep a keen eye on the findings of your research to be able to determine the two while going through this process.

Here are a couple of tips that may help:

  1. One of the most straightforward testaments to the quality of a company’s work are examples of previous projects. Testimonials from those customers also help to bring clarity.
  1. Listen for explanations of outdated crawl space repair and installation methods. Premium prices should merit premium services.
  1. Some claims of “best quality materials” are true while some can be exaggerated. Take a look for yourself both at industry standards and highly praised brands to have an educated foundation for basing your choices on.

At Barrier Waterproofing Systems, we have also done our homework to be certain that our claims have as strong a foundation as our work. We utilize revolutionary methods, tried and tested systems and materials, and give our work our all to keep your home healthy and strong.

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