French Drain Installation For Proper Retaining Wall Drainage

Believe it or not, rainwater can cause serious foundation issues if it is not properly drained away from your home. If you seem to battle ponding water or experience a flooded crawl space each time it rains, then your property is not draining sufficiently. Collecting or misdirected water can also eat away at your land and cause major erosion. A homeowner in Nashville, TN decided they had enough and called our team of dedicated Drainage professionals for a retaining wall french drain installation.

Scheduling an evaluation, the team visited the home soon thereafter and began to assess the situation for the best possible route to take. This includes where the system is most needed as well as what type of system would be most beneficial. This homeowner was having a particularly hard time with ponding in their front yard, as well as a backing up of water behind a retaining wall outlining part of their property. By excavating a new pathway for the water to follow, and installing the appropriate drainage system, the water will be collected and guided to the new desired location.

Our licensed, insured, and Storm Water Management certified outdoor construction professionals were on the case. The appropriate machinery was brought in to dig a path for placing a perforated pipe and then covering it with gravel. Sloping the bottom of the trench about 1″ for every 8′ of ground towards the direction of where the water should be flowing created the right conditions for a functional french drain installation. In this case, the water was being directed to a lower-lying area of the property.

Addressing the retaining wall, a french drain installation was added directly behind the first row of stones it was built with. Landscape cloth is important for keeping the drain from clogging with sand and silt. It was covered with the cloth and the top was folded over the gravel that was placed on top, finally being covered with several inches of soil.

With the retaining wall french drain solution in place, the homeowner was set up nicely to experience a properly drained front yard, free of pooling water and symptoms of erosion. If your property is sharing the same fate as our friend in Nashville once was, give us a call today at BARRIER at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 and schedule a free evaluation.