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Exterior Waterproofing System Installation in Nashville, TN

A successful exterior waterproofing system job from start to finish takes a dedicated team of specialists, like from our team here at Barrier Waterproofing Systems. This article today will detail a waterproofing job done for a Nashville, Tennessee homeowner that helped improve their family’s quality of life and the integrity of the structure of their home.

First in order, the foundation of the home is excavated down to the footing. This portion of the structure lies at the very bottom of the foundation, below the concrete block walls. The soil is taken away from the footing, making room for the installation of the waterproofing system. Once the walls were revealed, it was immediately apparent that they had been forced inward from the large pushing force of the hydrostatic pressure caused by the moisture in the surrounding earth. This particular job required that our team cut the water line for gaining the access needed to pull the wall back, as it had become pinched during the wall shifting.

Next, with a trench clear enough for installing the pieces of the waterproofing system, the drain tile is laid down along the bottom of the foundation. Once the drain tile was completely laid, a pump is installed for eliminating the redirected water several feet away from the home. All while the installation is being completed, the worksite is kept clean and from intruding on the rest of the yard.

Anchors are used to help assist with pulling the foundational walls back into place. These walls had sunk in 5 inches and were in serious need of being repaired before they began to crack more detrimentally and eventually cave in on the foundation of the home. The holes around the perimeter of the side of the home with damaged walls were dug and the anchors installed. Once the walls are placed in the correct locations, any holes or cracks are sealed off and the wall is thoroughly cleaned.

At this point in the process, a high quality, commercial grade waterproofing membrane is applied to the outside of the exterior foundational walls After the membrane has been efficiently applied, a drainage wall board is applied over the membrane to keep it protected during the backfilling process as well as assist with redirecting water towards the drain tiles. After this, a footer drain, complete with gravel bed and silt filter, is installed to complete the exterior waterproofing system. All of the excavated dirt is then backfilled and the job site is cleaned up to look as good as new.

Are you suspect that your home is in need of an exterior waterproofing system? Do you know that moisture is intruding and causing damage. Give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.