Man in trenches during exterior waterproofing system installation

The Benefits of an Exterior Waterproofing System

Engineers recommend that all waterproofing be done on the exterior of your home to keep the concrete block walls dry and redirect water around your home. Wet concrete blocks and mortar will decay over time and can lead to foundation failure. Our professional exterior waterproofing system will help prevent this failure and damage that would otherwise be done to your home.

When you fix a roof leak, do you fix it from the inside or the outside of your home? You fix it from the outside because otherwise the wood would decay and rot. The same holds true for a concrete foundation.

Traditional “old time” wall sealing with tar is known as “damp proofing.” Tar or damp proofing, which is building code compliant, usually dissolves from an underground (or sub-grade) concrete wall in 2 to 4 years. This is because the acids in our rainwater and soil dissolve the solvents in the tar, causing the tar to become brittle, crack, and dissolve from a wall. It then leaves behind a gray soot that serves no purpose. By the way, this is just enough time for the builder to get through their “one-year warranty” on new home construction.

At BARRIER, our membranes can be applied to existing construction or new construction. Our membranes are polymer-based, which means that they withstand the test of time against acids and stop nearly 200 times the hydrostatic pressure of tar at equal thicknesses. There are no seams or penetrations into our membranes at any time throughout our installation process. The membrane will protect your property for a lifetime.

The wallboard protects the sealed walls, insulates the walls, and acts as a primary drain that allows water to drain to the footer via gravity. Testing shows that our exterior waterproofing system wall board will last for 300 to 400 years before soil thoroughly penetrates the board and causes flow restrictions. Even if our other drains have a problem, the wall board will continue to drain.

Our dual drainage system at the footer level is redundant and built to handle extremes. We use a strip drain and a round pipe collectively known as footer drains and are sized to your property. We cover our footer drains with gravel and a geosynthetic fabric to minimize soil infiltration to our drains. Our footer drains discharge to the surface of your property via gravity.

We then carefully replace the removed materials (dirt, clay, small rock) in the trench and grade the property to allow for proper water flow. After all of these components are put together, your home has a professionally installed exterior waterproofing system that will protect your home for years to come.

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