Energy Efficient Crawl Space Made Of Grass Foundation Vents

Energy Efficient Crawl Space | Foundation Vents

When you think of “Going Green” you are probably quick to think of changing things like light bulbs, updating appliances, installing insulation, or replacing windows. While doing these things will indeed help decrease your energy footprint, very few people address the following area. One of the most significant contributors to energy loss in your home is the crawl space. The good news is, it is possible to have an energy efficient crawl space!

Most crawl spaces were initially designed to allow humidity to escape through foundation vents. These vents allowed not only hot, humid air to enter in the Summer months, but allowed cold air from the winter weather to enter in as well. The heating and cooling system then has to work much harder to compensate for the intruding outside air, costing you more money.

Advance Energy and the Department of Energy have conducted ongoing studies in support of these facts. They have proven the theory that an unvented, closed crawlspace is the most energy efficient crawl space design for a home. This method also controls humidity in the crawlspace, helping to prevent the growth of mold and fungus. Furthermore, when builders design a house with an unvented crawlspace, they often downsize the heating and cooling unit. the home is now more energy efficient since it does not have to fight against outside elements.

Homeowners strive to have their builders install windows, insulation, and other materials to create the tightest, most energy efficient home they can. Although these upgrades can help you gain more “green”, they do not address the problem at the main source. Unfortunately, foundation vents have been a standard practice for most crawl space homes since the implementation of crawl spaces.

Now ask yourself this question; would I leave the windows to my home open all year round? If you answered no, why should your crawl space have foundation vents that are open all year round? They would introduce the same complications like moisture, pests, and more that would find their way in through your windows.
Studies like the ones above have helped to rewrite the building codes throughout the country. The International Building Codes now allow for the construction of unvented crawlspaces for residential homes. Most Building Commissioners encourage this practice for all new construction.

These services can help cure the main source of your Green Energy blues! Save money on your electric bill and give yourself the opportunity to invest in green energy.

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