Image of professional performing effective concrete repair

Effective Concrete Repair and Replacement Services That Work

Over time nature may act on your concrete floor or foundation and make it necessary to have it repaired. You may have delaminated concrete, cracking concrete, sagging concrete, or heavily cracked concrete, but there is no cause for alarm in whichever case because there are a number of ways to have the problems fixed. Before the foundation damage becomes worse, or the minor damage to the subfloor needs extensive concrete slab repair, the following effective concrete repair techniques we use will help keep your building’s structure intact.

Installing stabilizers

If you notice a sagging floor, it may be buckling due to the weight of the floor above it, unsupported areas, or rotting floor joists. By adding stabilizer levels, we add an extra layer of support from your crawlspace or basement to increase the rigidity of the joists without significant disturbance to the floor.

Slab pier systems

Using slab pier systems, steel hydraulic piers are driven into stable soils to provide extra support to reduce foundation damage without the need for replacement. The steel piers help with releveling the concrete and stabilizing it within a short period. Because there is no need for extensive works on the floor, we can use slab pier systems for your effective concrete repair for slabs any time of the year.

Concrete replacement

Whether the concrete is structural or not, some damage may be irreparable and demand a total replacement. Luckily, professionals can install concrete nowadays with the mess traditionally associated with corking with concrete. Techniques such as using fans, plastic coverings, and ready-mix concrete mean that your foundation damage can be handled efficiently and remain in line with building codes within a short time.

Slab jacking

Before your sagging floor sags itself to destruction, slab jacking can be used to address it before it requires extensive concrete slab repair. With slab jacking, cement, water, and sand are mixed to form a slurry that is strategically injected to fill up the spaces below the slab or concrete subfloor. When the slurry hardens, the floor is raised back to its original position. This technique works with specific scenarios. Hence, consult foundation repair professionals, like our team here at BARRIER, before settling on it as your concrete slab repair solution.

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