Rats or mice in a dark dirty crawl space rodent infestation

Do You Have A Crawl Space Rodent Infestation?

Animal infestation might not cross your mind when thinking of what problems an unfinished crawl space might have in your Nashville, Tennessee home. A damp, dark, and musty place may not sound like an ideal spot to hang out. For certain rodents, like rats or mice, actually find this as a great spot for building a home for many more of their friends and family.

Rodents habitually chew and dig materials apart to create their nests as they build homes for themselves. While you may not mind them practicing this in the wild (away from your home!), going about this in your crawl space would be considered trouble. The worst part is, the waste and filthy conditions these animals create behind them can be worse for your family than the mess.

Damage and disease are the biggest problems from a crawl space rodent infestation that can affect the health of your home. The insulation is usually torn to shreds to make for burrows for the rodents to live in. These become contaminated with urine, feces, and the animals that die at the end of their short life cycle. The population, as well as their waste, quickly grows out of hand. An alarming percentage of the air you breathe in your home comes up from the crawl space (via the Stack Effect), so don’t be fooled that what you can’t see won’t bother you.

Once you discover a crawl space rodent infestation, it is important to contact a local professional that can help. Barrier Waterproofing Systems will both assist in cleaning up the current messy conditions and perform repairs on any of the damaged crawl space materials. We replace insulation, vapor barriers, and even remove mold and mildew that could have come to grow on top of the existing problem.

Take action today by calling (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 to take back your crawl space and choose Barrier Waterproofing Systems to perform a crawl space encapsulation that will remain dry, clean, and free from unwanted inhabitants for many years to come.