Difficult Crawl Space Conditions in Nashville, TN

A concerned homeowner in Nashville, TN decided they had put off having their crawl space encapsulated long enough. They were aware of the dangers of a moisture-laden crawl space condition and that those problems would only grow with time, including any mold growth that may be happening there. It had been over six years since a member of the family, or professional in the industry for that matter, had gone to take a look underneath the home. Our team of professional technicians visited the home later that week and prepared an encapsulation job that was scheduled for their home.

It did not take long to see after arriving that there was no doubt a lot of factors that may have helped contribute to the crawl space having been neglected for so long. The home was an older home, and was built on private property in a rural area. This means that any discrepancies during construction could cause issues not normally experienced in a more strictly built way, such as neighborhood style housing. The crawl space was extremely low to the ground, creating one of the tightest squeezes we had ever encountered. In addition, the uneven ground of the crawl space was going to make it even more difficult to navigate.

First, our team assessed the damage that had been done and identified the necessary work and supplies to get things back in order. A majority of the ductwork has gone bad, filling with mold and coming apart from the weathering of the outside elements that had found their way in.  There were layers of low-quality plastic that had grown so old they were discolored and fallen apart, no longer serving any purpose. There was also a dehumidifier that was no longer in use that appeared to once have been being used to eliminate the moisture from the crawl space, but had instead left the homeowners paying for the electricity and doing the work of dumping the water that was a never-ending cycle that did not actually resolve the issue.

Second, it was time to remove all of the degraded supplies and clear up the damage done to the insulation and other parts of the crawl space. Removing the mold was a top priority, and any stray batts of insulation or infested insulation were also removed. What was left of the plastic lining was removed, as well as the remains of the dehumidifier.

Third, the materials were then to be replaced with the high-quality materials Barrier provides, as well as installed with the professional grade techniques our team utilizes. A superior moisture barrier sheeting was rolled out and made to line the foundation walls of the crawl space in order to block out moisture intrusion from any possible sources such as cracks and from coming up through the ground. Everything was taped in place to eliminate any seams where moisture could also enter in. Lastly, the insulation for the floor was replaced and installed in a way that will last for years to come.

Despite the uneven ground and tight pinches of the crawl space of this homeowner, the job was done right and the crawl space was left with a condition that, if properly maintained, would look just as amazing in another six years. If you are in need of crawl space repair, encapsulation, or maintenance work, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.

This post was originally published on 7/1/2020 and updated on 2/24/2022 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.