Damp Proofing vs Waterproofing

Downsides of Damp Proofing vs Waterproofing

We are excited to bring you this story today of a homeowner from Nashville, TN that had some questions they needed answered. These weren’t just any questions, however. This set of questions in particular was about whether or not the homeowner should schedule a local service to have the damp proofing on their home redone. Our answer was upfront and honest, and we hope you also leave here today with a better understanding of the false security of damp proofing vs waterproofing your home’s foundation. 

First, an explanation of what damp proofing is:

Damp proofing is a tar-based product that is applied to a building’s foundation walls and footing to deter water vapor from passing through the walls and into interior spaces.  

Second, it is important to take into account the effectiveness and poor lifespan of this method. This is because damp proofing has little resistance to hydrostatic pressure, otherwise known as standing water. Without enough resistance, the damp proofing coating will harden and crack in less than two years due to acids found in rainwater and the lack of UV radiation which is necessary to keep tar pliable. Additionally, 

when your home settles, the tar will crack, exposing your concrete walls to water in only a couple of years!

The homeowner explained that the cost of damp proofing is less than waterproofing methods, and asked what made waterproofing methods more worth the higher price tag. 

So we explained what waterproofing is:

Waterproofing is a modified polymer product applied to a building’s foundation walls and footing to prevent water from passing through the walls and into interior spaces.

Then, we informed them about the excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure they have, and how they stay pliable underground without UV radiation, as well as how the polymers in the waterproofing membrane keep acids found in rainwater from decaying the membrane. Additionally, we stated how the membrane expands with the settling of your home, preventing cracking. 

The conclusion was (and we hope for your home as well!) that waterproofing is by far the superior investment to make to protect the foundation of your home from moisture intrusion. Not only will your foundation be safe from damage, but the cost of the investment will pay for itself in only a few years- the same length of time that most jobs fail when dealing with damp proofing vs waterproofing.

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