Safety Risk Of Clustered Electrical Wires in Crawl Space

Do I Have A Crawl Space Safety Risk?

The crawl space of a family home in Brentwood, Tennessee was causing concern for its owners. They had a fairly clean crawl space, and it was free of moisture buildup and other common crawl space safety issues. Although the crawl space was relatively healthy, there was a problematic massive cluster of wires and electrical components.

They had been put together during the construction of their home and left there. Once it was discovered this mess created a safety risk under their home, the possibilities of electrical fires wouldn’t leave their minds, and for good reason!

They gave our team a call and within the day, a couple of our crawl space repair professionals came out to their home to take a look. Although the crawl space is a great place to store large systems and units like HVAC units, they need to be stored with certain precautions. Most importantly of which are those regarding moisture. Our team went to work consolidating the wires to a small enough bundle to be wrapped in a waterproof sheath. They were then run along the floor joists to minimize exposure to condensation.

After everything was said and done, the cluster of wires in the crawl space had been tended to and turned into a sensical and safe system. The homeowners reported feeling much safer once this was done.

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