Shelf of canned goods for root cellar crawl space renovation ideas

Creative Ideas for a Crawl Space Renovation Project

We have published countless articles about how gross, damp, dark, and stale crawl spaces all across the nation are. You can read about the dangers of mold growth in your crawl space and how the moisture that intrudes inside can eat away at the foundation of your home. Additionally, bacteria and other substances can procreate there (as well as critters!).

Needless to say, we make it our business to make your crawl space a better place for you and your family. So whether you have mold removed, an encapsulation performed, a sump pump installed, or any number of other repairs, perhaps it is time to look at what kind of crawl space renovation ideas can be done there too. A crawl space renovation project, how exciting!

When a crawl space is properly taken care of, it could be just as useful as nearly any other amount of space you could find in the main living areas of your home. (Beware of safety if deciding to use laundry appliances there!) With the right materials and work done, there are plenty of uses for this new space. How creative can you be? The next few examples are from other people that have taken on the task to do just that with crawl space renovation.

These folks turned their crawl space into a pint-sized basement. They first enhanced the structure of the crawl space by repairing the beams, posts, footings, and concrete retaining wall. They then reinforced the foundation by installing a vapor barrier below and a concrete slab over top of the waterproofing measures. Once these thing were put into place, the crawl space was then filled with common storage items and other organizational components. Take a look!


What better place to look for inspiration than history! Root cellars were the primary means for the refrigeration of both homemade and dried goods for homes without electricity. This family turned their crawl space into a root cellar. The block wall that exists to section off the space from the home was opened up to gain full access to the space. The dirt against the walls of the space was dug out to make the room for the goods. Once the floor was leveled, the concrete was applied, shelving was placed inside, and a door was hung, the root cellar was complete.

This homeowner thought of crawl space renovation and how they could achieve a wine cellar. With plenty of spiffy materials and design, the space below the floor was built to communicate with the main floor above it. A trap door that opens up to the shelving below makes this a great idea for anyone that wants to use up all the space they can, or wants to invest in some creative flair that doubles as useful.

Photo by Stone Cellar CompanyDiscover wine cellar design inspiration

A crawl space is not usually the first item on the list of places we want to go. There is also a pretty common preconception that it is a lot of work to convert a crawl space into a basement, which is true more often than not! There are plenty of ways to utilize the crawl space that don’t involve the electricity, building materials, and other installations- take this storage idea for example. This homeowner found a way to combine their need for rain barrels and the extra space they had below their home.

Last, but not least, one way to come up with ideas is to go way out on a limb! Creative individuals might jump at the chance to make something really unique happen. This individual took crawl space renovation to a new level and built a handmade roller train that zooms across the space below their home. We doubt the line of people waiting to ride will be winding down the block, but with the right lighting and safety measures, this ride surely could provide some escape from boredom.

Now that you are inspired with some great crawl space renovation ideas about what to do with your crawl space, the next step is to plan some great crawl space repnovation! Our team of specialists at Barrier Waterproofing Systems encourages you to schedule an encapsulation so that, no matter what you decide to do, the moisture won’t enter in and damage any of your hard work.

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This post was originally published on 4/27/2020 and updated on 1/28/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.