Crawl Space Floor Supports Repair in Brentwood, TN

Crawl Space Floor Supports Repair in Brentwood, TN

It is much more common than you might think for a hundred-year-old house to have begun to sag or dip a little bit. The floor usually takes on a little slope as the compromised house ages. A homeowner from Brentwood TN noticed this discrepancy in the floor of their kitchen and took a measuring tape to the length of their floorboards to assess the issue. After determining the deepest point of the dip in the floor, they decided to call Barrier Waterproofing Systems and ask for help with repairing the crawl space floor supports of their home.

Right away, our team of dedicated professionals targeted the floor joists of the crawl space as the origin of the problem. The crawl space foundation of the home was scoped out and found to be a rubble stone foundation with a brick facade. The joists of the home were thicker than the usual measurements of modern-day homes and generally in good enough condition to rule out having to have them replaced for the home’s protection.

Locating the deepest part of the dip in the floors pointed the way to finding out where the compromised joist or joists were located. Once they were found, it was confirmed where the high-stress area had caused the joist to crack, failing at the connection. The techniques used to connect floor joists to the carrying beams in a time where metal joist hangers were not used caused floors to be more prone to this outcome.

Lastly, for repairing the joist, the crack was filled with wood glue. Once the glue was put into place to help with holding the joist together, as well as keep the crack sealed from any damage that could penetrate the board from the inside, the hanger was installed to keep the joist holding onto the carrying beam in a stronger position secured with nails.

The next step for the homeowner to take is to have the floorboards replaced that have become damaged from the bowing. The integrity of the foundation of the home has been restored and, as the homeowner relayed to our technicians, their family could rest at night knowing they were safe while walking on the floors of their home.

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