Crawl Space Debris Removal Services in Nashville, TN

Crawl Space Debris Removal Services in Nashville, TN

A homeowner in Nashville, TN decided, after a thorough and successful remodeling of their outdoor patio for entertaining guests, that there may be more to their home that needed attention than what could be seen by their guests. Their home was built on a crawl space foundation, and had been a long time since they had taken a look at the condition of the space underneath their home, let alone the storage they placed there a couple of years ago. Concerned about the possibility of rodent infestation and other complications, they gave their local crawl space debris removal experts a call at Barrier Waterproofing Systems. We arrived at the scene the next day.

The first signs our team of dedicated professionals looked for once entering into the crawl space was the sign of any mold growth that might have begun to take place. Any foul odors or mildew smells could mean there is standing water somewhere to be found. Luckily enough, the crawl space was dry enough to keep the mold at bay. It was also ruled out that there were no animal infestations or other creepy-crawlers down there that the family should be worried about.

The homeowner requested that some of the storage be removed from the crawl space, along with any materials that may have been compromised. Our team inspected the storage condition of the crawl space and whether or not it had damaged any of the family’s storage. With the exception of some paper material items having becoming damaged from moisture absorption, the rest of the items remained intact.

During the removal of the damaged storage items, as well as accumulated debris around the crawl space door area, it was discovered that some of the insulation had become compromised. A couple of joists in length showed insulation that had fallen from the subfloor and was no longer providing the protection that was needed. A simple replacement was in order and solved the problem quickly and efficiently. Lastly, the door was secured and the natural debris around the exterior of the entrance was removed as well.

Does your crawl space storage need to be removed, or is there other junk that needs to come out? Give us a call at Barrier Waterproofing Systems today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 for professional crawl space debris removal services in Nashville, TN.