Men standing out in a storm to depict topic of storm shelter

Comparison of Above Ground vs. In-Ground Storm Shelter

When you live in an area where thunderstorms and tornadoes are a reality, then getting a storm shelter is a must. The reason for getting your storm shelter notwithstanding, you may have to decide between an above-ground shelter and an in-ground shelter. They are the most common types of storm shelters, and either of them has benefits that make them preferable for different uses. If you can’t decide what type of storm shelter to get, here is a breakdown of their differences and similarities to help you reach a conclusion.

Above-ground shelters perform just as well as in-ground shelters for storm protection. The best part is, they can serve many other purposes, say, like a bomb bunker, hideout from burglars, and much more. When you go for an above-ground storm shelter, you will be flexible on its positioning. Above-ground shelters are modular, and it is possible to have one in every room or space that you think they will be needed. Since most of them are movable, they could form part of your house, for example, if you would like to design your closet or pantry around them. The added benefit to this is that they don’t need a stepped entrance, which makes them favorable for the handicapped. The most notable demerit is that you may lose a considerable amount of space if you were to install it in the house.

In-ground storm shelters work equally as well as above-ground shelters, but with the added benefit of saving on the square footage in your home. Mostly, they are installed as garage shelters, which means that you can achieve a combination of the types of protection, having storm protection both inside and outside the home. For most people, the reason they go for in-ground shelters is that, if well executed, it can significantly increase the value of your home. The downside to it is that for the best results, it has to be incorporated into the house during construction. This is because any additions, later on, are a massive project, unlike above-ground shelters, which can be moved to another location much more easily.

Whichever you opt for, you can get additional features like GPS location to ping your location in case everything above you was to fall to rubble. The choice between these two boils down to individual preferences and depending on your use. All in all, you can rest assured of your family’s and business’ safety.

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