Inside of commercial restaurant with cracked commercial foundation damage

Commercial Foundation Damage & Repair

There is not a homeowner out there that would feel good about their home sustaining foundation damage. It causes trouble for the structure of the house that ultimately affects the functionality of the house. For example, it can stop up windows and doors or allow water to intrude.

The same potential problems go for commercial properties, whether or not there is a family living inside. The integrity of the structure is just as crucial to the outcome of the business being run inside. Foundation damage can compromise that integrity.

Foundation issues need to be addressed as soon as possible since small problems can quickly become large and costly. The probability of foundation issues increases in areas where a mixture of heat and humidity is prevalent. Tennessee is a great example of one of these areas. When you get a bout of bad weather in addition to the already rough climate, the chances increase all the much more. It is good to always be on the lookout for such damage. Performing an evaluation of your commercial foundation damage after intense storms can help in early detection.

Look for the following signs from your building to determine the level of commercial foundation damage that may be present:

  1. Signs of deterioration such as cracks, buckling floors, flaking concrete.
  2. Water damage can present as spots on the ceiling or other forms of leaks.
  3. Soil that expands and contracts with heavy rains can cause damage from pressure.
  4. Both ceilings and floors that have become warped can indicate problems much further down the road.
  5. If your doors and windows do not close properly, your foundation could be shifting.

Just like houses are prone to foundation issues, so are commercial properties. There may be damage that is getting worse without your knowledge if the outwards signs aren’t obvious enough. The commercial foundation damage can definitely go undetected if there are no evaluations made to check for those signs.

Don’t wait for an unfortunate event, like a building fire, to reveal during reconstruction that your foundation needs repair. As expensive as fire damage repairs are, foundation damage continues to worsen over time, increasing the price of the fixes.

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