Concrete block foundation wall bowing and cracked prior to carbon fiber wall support system

Carbon Fiber Wall Support System for Repairing Bowed Foundational Walls

Many homeowners across the state experience cracking or bowing basement walls. These walls are foundation walls and are essential for supporting the structure of the home, so it is essential to ensure they remain at their best of health. Moisture is one of the top enemies of foundation walls, as it accumulates in the soil surrounding the home during heavy rains and creates a pressure on the walls that can cause them to bow in and crack. A professional installation of a carbon fiber wall support system can help remedy these foundation wall issues and restore the integrity of your home’s foundation.

For more information on bowing and cracked walls and how our dedicated team of professionals can help, check out our educational whiteboard on our website.

Bowed and cracked foundational basement walls can be repaired and corrected. This is done using a Carbon Fiber Wall Support System that will work to both pull the wall back to the correct angle and strength, as well as ensure a lasting hold to keep the bowing from reoccurring. Installation of this system requires accurate measurements and installation for proper performance.

We begin by performing an in-depth evaluation of the level of your home’s foundation to detect any deviation in the wall’s integrity. The earth surrounding the wall is excavated to make room and the wall itself is cored to make way for the installation. Hydraulic pressure gauges are used to achieve the desired amount of pressure for correcting the wall. Once it is achieved, the bracket is installed and tightly secured to the wall’s anchor. The excavated area surrounding the wall is then backfilled and restored to how it looked before the excavation ever took place!

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