Can You Reinstall Waterproofing Over An Existing Membrane?

Seeing a large puddle of freshly accumulated water in a finished living space in your home can cause some big concerns! Of these concerns, taking the first steps to properly waterproofing your home might come to mind. But what do you do if your home has already been waterproofed yet is still experiencing leaks? This is a curious thing to ponder: whether or not it is possible to repair a waterproofing job or reinstall waterproofing measures over a previous membrane. Continue reading below to learn more about the opportunities you have as a homeowner to solve this problem from local waterproofing professionals like our team of experts at BARRIER Waterproofing Systems.

There are a few reasons that could be causing leaking in your home even after a waterproofing installation. Perhaps the waterproofing membrane has been damaged somehow. In the event that it was never applied properly in the first place, it could easily fail to keep water from freely entering your home. However, there is no need to worry, as both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions can still be implemented to protect your home from intruding moisture. Some solutions include:

Waterproof Membrane Patching Solutions

In all actuality, a high quality vapor barrier membrane is very durable. When installed properly, it will create an air-tight seal. In some unordinary situations, it can become damaged and compromised in its ability to prevent moisture from intruding. It is possible for a professional waterproofing contractor to evaluate your previous waterproofing installation and estimate where the repair will need to be made.

Once it is determined where the water has found a way to breach your previous waterproofing system, a plan can be devised to reach the problem area. Of course, the least invasive way possible is the goal! By reaching the problem area, we can implement a repair solution.

When Should I Invest In A New Membrane?

A waterproofing membrane will only work as well as the quality of the installation job it was applied with. Attention to the surface it is applied to is equally as important for it to be able to do its job. Some things our team of experts will look for when searching for compromises in your previously installed waterproofing system are:

  • If there were no proper drainage boards or other drainage systems installed with the membrane.
  • If the surface the membrane was installed on is dirty, distorted, or features protruding materials.

A surface that is disrupted with any other materials, inconsistencies, or lack of adequate priming before installation can cause the membrane to fail. Priming the surface properly is very important for helping the membrane avoid issues caused by numerous pores, residual moisture, or air trapped underneath.

Essentially, preventing an inadequate installation is one of the best ways to prevent your waterproofing membrane from failing. Investing in a high quality installation and membrane material can help greatly increase the chances of long-term waterproofing success from the get-go.

What Waterproofing Membrane Is The Right Choice?

For professional advice when making a waterproofing membrane decision, look no further than our experts here at BARRIER Waterproofing Services! We do the evaluation work to determine where the problem is coming from and the best fix for your home to take care of it. Our best practices are developed for this industry based on the many satisfied homeowners across Middle Tennessee that we have served. 

We have developed an exclusive membrane design utilizing unique, top-of-the-line materials to deliver the best performance possible. You don’t have to do the work to choose a membrane for your home: you can count on the team here at BARRIER. If your waterproofing system installation needs repair or replacement, give us a call today at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168  and request a FREE evaluation. Visit our website to learn more about our waterproofing process and the many benefits it brings your home.