Piping and gravel of a french drain installation

Benefits of Trench or French Drain Installation

You may have very well seen many a yard featuring a french drain and not even realize it. The combination of lush green grass and choice cut rocks winding around in front of the home can look as if placed there for decoration. Aside from this benefit, they ultimately serve a much bigger purpose. These winding trenches filled with rock or gravel are meant to drain water away from the foundation of your home.

A perforated pipe is placed inside the bottom of a trench dug deep into the ground during a french drain installation. The pipe is then buried by loose gravel or decorative rock. These two components of a french drain work together by draining water away that would otherwise pool up in those areas. This pooled water can cause problems associated with standing water, giving homeowners a headache. Instead, the french drain system allows the water to seep down through the rocks and out through the dainage pipe.

The deeper a french drain is installed, the more water it is designed to redirect. For heavier flooding yards, you may look into installing a deeper french drain.
You can also utilize a french drain to assist in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Foundational walls that are currently suffering from the pressure of loads of water soaking in the ground can be helped! A drain such as this one can relieve that pressure by draining the water away. French drains are also great tools for keeping the flow of bacteria out of unwanted places. For example, guiding waste water away from your septic system can help keep your yard clear of contamination.

These drains are especially helpful during times that are usually more wet than others such as winter or rainy spells. Snow from the cold weather or significant storms can cause flooding. This can spell trouble for your basement, usually causing flooding or other moisture related problems like mold. In areas where it would cost several thousands for someone to make these repairs, french drains could help in prevention.

Installing a french drain doesn’t make for less work, however. There are a lot of crucial obstacles to avoid that already exist underneath the home. Your plumbing, electrical wiring, and septic system are all found below the ground and cannot be compromised. Tampering with them can cause a dangerous situation on your hands.

This means that a well educated and experienced professional should be your #1 choice for french drain installation for your home. Some projects are so intensive and specialized, they require the contractor to have a permit before performing the work!

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