Benefits of a Crawl Space Ventilation System VS a Dehumidifier

The services we provide for homeowners across Middle Tennessee doesn’t stop at our expert Waterproofing and Foundation Repair services. Sometimes, our team of contracting professionals doesn’t even have to arrive at the scene in your home to help! This is true when a homeowner calls in with a concern about the well being of their home and asks questions for more information about the best decision they could make towards a truly good investment or solution. A homeowner from Brentwood, TN found it best to call their local crawl space service company with a question regarding some research they had been doing about the efficiency of their dehumidifier while considering other options, like a crawl space ventilation system. 

We first thanked them for choosing Barrier Waterproofing Systems to help them find a solution to the investment they were spending on a monthly basis for their dehumidifier. Fortunately (as we always value a homeowner that educates themselves on how their home works), they had already done plenty of research to determine that there were other options that would function better. They had decided they wanted to make an investment into another system and had decided to reach out to a company with waterproofing expertise for some final tips. So we did exactly that.

Firstly, we substantiated their findings on the low efficiency of the dehumidifier they were using, which was rather poor. It was an outdated model that had since stopped being produced. Next, we gave insight to the high efficiency of new models, namely the line of Aprilaire dehumidification systems. Lastly, after determining while speaking with the homeowner that they were seeking a solution for the crawl space of their home, we offered them a solution our company utilizes for home all across Middle Tennessee. This is the EZ Breathe Whole Home Ventilation System. We ran a quick comparison with them over the phone to provide them with an adequately informed decision. 

The following points were outlined for them:

  • The cost of the EZ Breathe system is only $2 to $4 a month, compared to a traditional dehumidifier that can cost up to $50 per month to operate.
  • There is no maintenance, no nasty buckets to empty, no filters to change, simply set it and forget it!
  • One EZ Breathe system services 7x the square footage than that of a dehumidifier!

With all of these things considered, the homeowner scheduled a callback for the next day as they wanted to do some more of their own research into the system to make a responsible final decision. They ended up purchasing the EZ Breathe and our team of professionals helped install it into the crawl space of their home. Are you in need of a crawl space ventilation or dehumidification system? Give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.

This post was originally published on 5/14/2020 and updated on 3/10/2022 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.