Water stains from basement foundation water intrusion

What is Basement Foundation Water Intrusion?

Like the saying goes; “April showers bring May flowers!” Chances are your area has experienced a high amount of rainy and stormy weather as this process has been happening. While these rains are great for your landscaping or gardens, they do not deliver the same benefit when causing basement foundation water intrusion! Have you been experiencing standing water forming on your basement or crawl space floor after a heavy rain? You are not alone, as there are a large amount of homeowners that have moisture intrusion problems. In this article, we will cover what causes water to leak into the foundation of your home. 

You know you’ve got water leaking into your basement or crawl space whenever you spot stains growing on the foundation walls or puddles of water forming on the floor. The leading cause of water reaching the inside of your basement is when a pressure forms from an increase of water in the soil all around the foundation. Consistent, heavy rains will saturate the soil and create hydrostatic pressure that will push the water right through the unprotected walls and floor of your foundation.

The more loose the soil around your home is, the more water it will absorb. Large amounts of water can also be dispersed into the foundation via clogged gutters and downspouts that are poorly directed, discharged right at the foot of the home. If your home has a window well that has been poorly installed, it can fill with water during a heavy rain. This will cause the water to seep into your basement or crawl space foundation. 

Here are just a few more places water can reach the foundation for your home:

1. Large gaps or crack in the foundation walls

2. The joint of the foundation where the walls meet the floor

3. Failing mortar joints or masonry work

If your home has been experiencing basement foundation water intrusion due to any of the causes mentioned above, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at to schedule a FREE evaluation today. Our team will determine the best solution for the moisture intrusion problem, as well as any of the previous places of entry that they should be implemented to solve the problem for good!