Interior Basement Waterproofing in an effective water management technique that will keep water from collecting on your basement floors. It involves the installation of a water collection system around the perimeter of your basement. These systems collect and move water to a discharge station before water can pressurize and appear on your floor. The discharge station consists of a sump pump & basin or can be as simple as a positive drain.

Our experts will evaluate your home and determine the best possible method to achieve your goals. Below are several of the techniques that Barrier Waterproofing uses for interior water management systems:

  • Sub-Floor System:

    Collects water seepage from the walls and footer

Sub-floorFlat-Track System is an ideal remedy to all your water management needs. This unique and innovative design collects water from the two primary sources that are responsible for your basement water leakage.

Drain-Eze collects water seepage from the walls and footer, along with any seepage through faults in the foundation. The water is then channeled directly into the Flat-Track. Unlike large holes, narrow slits throughout the main sections prevent large solids from entering the System. Umbrella-like sidewalls prevent dirt from compacting against the sides of the System. This unique high flow design is capable of handling the most severe water problems. Service Ports are installed along main runs for easy access to the System.

  • Footer System:

    Rugged stand-alone waterproofing system

footer waterproofing systemDrain Main design integrates the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true sub-floor tile system. Drain Main system sits on top the footer, above the dirt line, which can plug a traditional drain tile system. Drain Main’s open back will not restrict water flow, instead water is collected for the full length of the system. The Open Back never restricts the primary water source.

  • Above-Floor System:

    Non-invasive system collects water seepage from joints where walls and floor meet

above floor waterproofing systemWater X-Tract™ is ideal for poured or block wall foundations. This system is not submerged in soil, which can plug traditional sub-floor waterproofing systems. Hollow baseboards adhere to the floor along the wall acting as a barrier. The system collects water from the weep holes tapped into the blocks where the floor and walls meet. The water travels along the hollow baseboards to the sump pump leaving your basement clean and dry.

  • Complete Sump Pump Systems

Sump-PumpA sump pumps system is truly the heart of any water management system. At Barrier Waterproofing Systems, we associate ourselves with the most reputable companies in the industry. Zoeller sump pumps, are the most reliable pumps on the market today. We also use Zoeller battery backup systems as well. Our sump basins are injection molded structural polyethylene gas tight basins. This combination will provide our customers with a long term reliable system.

  • IQ-High Water Alarm

IQ-High-Water-AlarmBarrier Waterproofing Systems can offer your home long-lasting and secure protection with the New IQ-High Water Alarm System. Triggered by high water level, the IQ-High Water Alarm calls up to four phone numbers notifying; Barrier Waterproofing Systems, the homeowner, and two others warning that your pump has quit! You can then take action the moment there is a pump failure, whether you’re at home, work, or away on vacation.

Barrier Waterproofing Systems carry a full array of sump accessories including Check Valves, Sump Covers, Sump Cover Drains, and all the necessary components to keep your basement waterproofing system running clean year-after-year.