The Benefits of Yard Drainage And The Anatomy Of A French Drain

French drains, when installed professionally, can be made to look elegant in your yard after everything is said and done. Ideally, they contribute both to a beautiful landscape and the drainage efforts of your property. However, what lies beneath the surface of your soil is much more purposefully constructed than one might think. A french drain serves several purposes other than what aesthetics it can bring- continue reading for a more detailed breakdown of the anatomy of a french drain.

Built for the purpose of eliminating standing water in below-grade or lowly lying areas, you may want to closely assess the makeup of your yard before ordering a french drain installation service. (If you are unsure of how to go about identifying a need for one, or the best place to choose for one, give your local professionals a call at BARRIER Waterproofing Systems!).

Ideally, a french drain will be properly installed when placed at the lower end of a slope. Yards come in all shapes and sizes and can be accommodated for by a french drain professional. With industry tools and techniques, there is no one size fits all solution, but there is a way to fit a french drain solution for all situations!

Most commonly, a french drain is made by digging a trench as a course of where to lay the drainage materials. Typically, the ideal anatomy of a French drain is as follows:
– River Rock lining the bottom of the trench.
– A perforated pipe is then laid throughout the trench.
– More river rock is piled on top of the pipe, filling the trench.
– A layer of high-quality landscaping fabric then covers the aggregate to prevent foreign materials from passing into and clogging the drain.
– The displaced soil is backfilled into the empty space left in the trench until the trench is entirely filled.

Some french drains are built with boxes that keep the drain system blocked off from the surrounding soil, preventing plant growth from entering and disrupting its ability to drain. Whatever your yard drainage needs are, there is a French drain solution for your property!

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