Recently Had Exterior Waterproofing? Tips for a Great Landscaping Plan

Have you been considering the landscaping of your property lately? Perhaps you have just had some Exterior Waterproofing done on your home and are now looking at the space around your home in a different way. If you are talking about developing a landscaping plan, be sure to include some steps for developing adequate drainage! Also, wherever you are at in the consideration of a landscaping plan, calling your local trenching and grading experts can help get your property looking great. Here are some tips for a great landscaping plan:

1. Use Planters for Easily Achieving a Different Look 

Installing very defined plant beds will help to accentuate areas of interest you might want to draw attention to whereas a plant bed with curves will give off a more natural look.

2. Decorating With Plants Takes Consideration

When working with flowers or other colored plants, you will want to consider how they will all look together. Too much variation in a small space can look cluttered and a combination of textures can complete a scene.

3. One Dimensional Beds Can Look Boring

If you layer the individual plant beds to different heights, you can achieve a dynamic look that will complement the nearby structure. Layer the smallest plants in the front and the tallest plants in the back with tiers.

4. Landscaping Can Also Serve a Utility Purpose

If you have been considering the need for privacy for your yard from surrounding neighbors or parkways, you can utilize certain greenery for the job. For example, planting a tall hedge as a fence can provide some relief from close proximity residents. Be sure to check your local codes first!

These tips are just a few things to consider while creating a great landscaping plan for a project for your property. When everything is mapped out and you are ready to go, give BARRIER a call at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168 for trenching and grading your property to make way for any beautiful ponds, pergolas, or firepits you are dreaming of!