New crawl space door installation job

New Crawl Space Door Installation or Repair

We at Barrier Waterproofing Systems received a call from a homeowner in Nashville, TN explaining their home was in need of a new crawl space door. The previous door had become decimated from weathering and had all but completely broken down. Not only were the elements entering in, they explained, but so were troublesome pests and they wanted to prevent any further problems from occurring. Our team of dedicated experts assessed the information and a FREE evaluation was scheduled for later on that day.

After arriving at the home, the team was brought to the crawl space entry for a look at the damage. The paint had stripped away from the door and the surrounding area of the wall. The door has warped from applied pressure, possibly from accumulated water from years of heavy rains, and formed a gap large enough for water and animals to pass through and enter into the crawl space. Right away, the technicians removed the debris and dilapidated materials.

The first step was to preserve the integrity of the board that the door would be installed to by treating them. Although some damage had been done, if the boards were left untreated, they would become so affected that the very structure of the foundation would begin to break down. Next, the frame was installed with long screws that will maintain a strong installation into the board.

The prefabricated door was then hung on the frame. All of the mechanisms of the crawl space door installation are made with very high quality materials that will stand the test of time and prevent communications with the outside elements. Once everything was secured tight, the job site was cleaned and left in better condition that when our team had arrived!

Before it was time to leave, a quick look around the crawl space ensured that there was no damage forming inside due to the faulty door. For example, high humidity entering in can easily cause mold growth or a family of rodents to harbor inside. The crawl space was clear, luckily enough, and the homeowner was educated on maintenance tips for keeping the crawl space entryway in good shape for the future.

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