Professional encapsulation job imagery for vapor barrier installation

The Importance of Vapor Barrier Encapsulation

The following analogy hints at the possible reality of your vapor barrier encapsulation condition: Have you ever been at sea, out on a boat, enjoying the serene landscape of the ocean, feeling comfortable and relaxed? Let’s say then, that as you were relaxing, your thoughts drifted to what lie underneath the boat that you couldn’t readily see. Suddenly, the famous tune to a killer shark movie might pop into your head. Now imagine being in your comfortable living room, relaxing on the couch, enjoying the serene landscape of your home. What things would you imagine as your thoughts drift to what lies beneath your home, in your crawl space? Would the scene be equally as scary as the shark infested waters?

There is only one way to find out if you do not know, and that is to look. Whether you are preparing to look on your own or are looking into local professionals such as Barrier Waterproofing Systems that can determine the best route to take for an effective evaluation. Any potentially harmful conditions that might exist under your home will be discovered and brought to your attention. Oftentimes, even in homes that have once had a vapor barrier installed, there have been years of neglecting maintenance that can cause issues to begin to resurface.

Some factors that play a part in the restoration and replacement of the most important materials that serve to keep your crawl space a dry and controlled environment, such as a high quality vapor barrier and insulation, will most likely look like the following. Contaminated sub floor insulation will need to be removed. Vapor barrier encapsulation that is contaminated with substances like pest infestations and/or feces will need to be cleaned and the hazardous material disposed of.

Once any faulty materials and contamination waste has been removed, they are then replaced with new insulation as well as our exclusive Barrier designed vapor barrier material. The job site is then cleaned up properly and ensured that everything is wrapped up properly and put back to the way it was before the job as close as possible.

If your crawl space is in need of an evaluation, whether it be for a new encapsulation installation or a repair of an older one, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 to schedule a FREE evaluation of the condition of your crawl space and determine the best solution to implement for achieving a clean and dry environment.