Spray foam insulation installation in a crawl space

Importance of Proper Insulation Installation

Insulation plays a very important role in the energy efficiency of your home. It is one of the biggest components of providing your home with comfortable living conditions. As crucial as this material is for your home, a proper insulation installation job can be completed by you with the help of family or friends!

This article will help you to get the most out of a proper insulation installation job at home. First things first, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • – Insulation Blower Machine
  • – Cellulose / Fiberglass / Foam insulation
  • – Plywood board measured to your need

Once you have everything for your project gathered together, you must consider the space you are going to insulate. The subfloor, or “ceiling” of your crawl space is a very important place to have insulated. This is because cold air is constantly entering in and attempting to rise up into the home.

If you chose fiberglass insulation, you would then unroll the amount while placing it up into the subfloor. If you chose a cellulose insulation, you will need to rent a blower machine to use for installing the very loose product.

Be sure to consider factors like the different R-values of each type, what the weather is like in your area, and how much you’ll need. All necessary materials for the job can be found at your convenience from local hardware or home improvement stores. Once you have filled up the subfloor with insulation, you can choose to place foam board over the insulation foam.

If you don’t want to risk the quality of a proper insulation installation, or are looking for a professional to complete the work for you, give Barrier Water Proofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.