Creepy Crawl Space

October Creepy Crawl Space Facts

October is often a month of creepy crawlies and other spooky things. This brings us to one of our favorite topics, crawl space encapsulation. Does your home have a crawl space foundation? Have you taken a look inside of your creepy crawl space recently, if at all, since purchasing your home? It can easily be likened to something out of the trailers for the new horror movies if they have not been serviced by a professional waterproofing company like us here at Barrier Waterproofing Systems!

Is your crawl space dark, wet, and emanating odors? This could mean a host of problems are lurking there, and they don’t need a clown mask and balloons to pose a threat to your home’s foundation. These problems include mold growth, wood rot, pest infestation, insulation damage, and more. If your crawl space is unserviced and has been exposed to heavy moisture for a long period of time, it could very well have been deteriorating without your knowledge. That’s okay, for this is where our team of dedicated professionals is here to help. 

Armed with a flashlight, and a variety of supernatural activity-reading machines (just kidding!), our technicians will enter into your crawl space and perform what is called encapsulation. This means that the crawl space is cleaned out of any debris or foreign growth and completely lined with a high-quality waterproof vapor barrier to keep moisture out. A sump pump and dehumidification system is also installed to further increase the effectiveness of sealing it off from moisture. Here is a list of benefits of crawl space encapsulation: 

  1. The crawl space air becomes dry and unlikely to grow mold, etc.
  2. The crawl space air is conditioned in balance with the air of the rest of the home
  3. The environment of the crawl space is made suitable for a storage space
  4. There are little to no smells from the underside of your home 
  5. Unlevel crawl space ground is made level to accommodate the encapsulation
  6. What was once a dark hole beneath your home (assuming we don’t see any ancient water wells beneath your floorboards) is now a bright and open space  

If your creepy crawl space is in need of encapsulation, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 and schedule a FREE evaluation.