Dirt floors and vented crawl space vents

Moisture Intrusion From Crawl Space Vents & Dirt Floors

Crawl spaces that combine vents and dirt floors in Tennessee are a disaster waiting to happen. The hot, humid summer air can wreak havoc on the space under your house. This is because the crawl space vents that are supposed to help keep it dry are actually making the problem worse by bringing in additional moisture!

One particular homeowner from Nashville called into our team of professionals to schedule an evaluation. They asked to have their moldy and smelly crawl space transformed into a dry, clean, and healthy area.

By taking these four steps, our specialists were able to protect their crawl space from dry rot and decay. Indoor air quality was improved and the energy efficiency of their home increased up to 18% more efficient!

First, it was made sure there was no water pooling under the house by correcting the grading and improving drainage. A drainage and sump pump system developed specifically for crawl spaces was then installed.

The second step was to completely isolate the crawl space from both the ground and outside air. and include it in the building envelope as a conditioned area. That process, known as crawl space encapsulation, involved lining the floor and walls with a thick waterproof vapor barrier.

The third step was to close and seal the crawl space vents to prevent exterior moisture from entering the crawl during the summer. It would also help prevent the floors and rooms upstairs from becoming cold and drafty during the winter.

The final step was to condition the space with a crawl space dehumidifier. Energy efficient dehumidifiers are nearly maintenance free. Once it was set, it automatically monitored and controlled humidity in the crawl space.

Another job well done and satisfied customer! If you are in need of a crawl space with vents and dirt floors to be protected against water damage, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.