crawl space pest control Services Nashville TN

Crawl Space Pest Control Removal Services in Nashville, TN

This post was originally published on 12/12/2019 and updated on 12/8/2020 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

Our crawl space pest control team here at Barrier Waterproofing received a call from a frustrated homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee. The individual gave us their concerns about finding that a possum family was moving into their crawl space. We discussed what signs they were seeing and asked if they had noticed any of the other possible symptoms that a pest-infested crawl space can produce. Symptoms can include odors, unwanted “guests,” and an increase in uncomfortable allergies.

Once it was determined the infestation was negatively affecting their family and the crawl space needed repair, they scheduled a FREE evaluation to visit their home. Our team would take a look around and discuss which options would be best to help relieve their situation.

The homeowner chose which crawl space pest control service they felt was a right fit for them after learning what kinds of damage the possums had done to the insulation, wiring, and plastic sheeting. The team safely relocated the possum family and all waste left behind was removed. The insulation that had been ripped out for bedding and making room for nests was replaced with new insulation. The gaps and cracks that allowed the possum family a way in were sealed, and a high-quality vapor barrier sheeting was installed. This would keep the crawl space encapsulated from pests as well as humidity and outside air.

As the seasons change and bring colder winter weather near, the number of pests looking for warm shelter increases significantly. Your crawl space becomes a hangout for little critters and insects trying to keep warm. Considering crawl space pest control before the holidays is a smart way to ensure your home is in its best shape for a healthy, cozy indoor environment.

The Nashville, Tennessee homeowner was very pleased after our team finished the pest removal and repairs, knowing their crawl space was now in much better shape and off-limits to “nosy neighbors.” If you have reason to suspect or have had sightings of a pest infestation in your crawl space, call Barrier Waterproofing Systems today at (615) 257-1060 to schedule your FREE crawl space pest control evaluation. Say goodbye to the creepy critters that have made their way into your home!