3 Signs of Soil Erosion On Your Property

Sometimes our team of professionals receives calls from people that aren’t sure what the next step is to take towards a solution for their property problems. One call from last week left us with one frustrated homeowner on our hands. They called into their local soil erosion control professionals here at BARRIER in Nashville, TN seeking a way to transform their yard into a beautiful landscape once again after seeing several signs of soil erosion. 

After learning more information about the problem they were experiencing, it was determined that their yard was suffering from some serious soil erosion problems. They had tried many different methods of trying to remedy the problem from the surface, such as more effective grass seed and even having a retaining wall installed. The problem, however, lies under the surface of the yard and will only continue to worsen as erosion takes its toll. 

The problems they were experiencing with their yard was a collection of symptoms of prevalent soil erosion, explained below:

Bald patches on the lawn

Both small and large patches of land where no greenery, including trees, is growing. There might even be a noticeable buildup of soil below these patchy areas that also do not sustain plant life. 

Rocks that have become exposed

There are plenty of objects under the surface of your yard that you cannot see. When your yard is being affected by erosion, things like rocks and come to the surface. This is usually accompanied by changes to the landscape of your property itself. 

Roots that have become exposed

The same holds true for roots that would otherwise be hidden below the surface. Since water is such a strong element, it can shift things over time until they make their way up to ground level.

These signs were prevalent in the yard of the homeowner from our story today, and it was then explained that the problem they were dealing with was soil erosion. They indicated that their soil was eroding quickly and needed attention quickly. Our team arrived at the home within the week and began implementing an effective method of erosion control to stabilize their yard so it could replenish.

One effective drainage method we often implement is a french drain. This system will collect excess water and runoff from other areas, directing it away from the home’s foundation and level soil where it could become problematic.

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